Data Sciences & Advanced Analytics

Increasingly more enterprises are driven by data. With the increased reliance on external data sources in addition to enterprise data to come to business decisions, advanced analytics, predictive analytics are becoming the need of the hour to ensure significant market advantage over competition.

While every industry has a set of analytical practices that are unique to their operation. It is equally true that there are practices that should be applied in very business regardless of their service or product. Achieving the promises of advanced analytics and predictive modelling requires a careful balance of technical expertise in data science methods, advanced analytical tools and business focus. beON experts use extensive expertise in predictive analytics, data mining and statistics to guide our clients in many different industries to solve their strategic business problems. Our experience covers the entire development life cycle of predictive modelling projects, including:

Business understanding and requirements gathering.

Data assets assessment.

Data transformation and preparation.

Visualization and exploration.

Statistical analysis.

Predictive model design and development.

Model implementation deployment & scoring automation.

Systems integration.