Cloud Applications Development

Cloud computing has become a common way of delivering services via the Internet. Cloud services can be accessed from anywhere on the web: your desktop, mobile phone, tablet PC or even intelligent autonomous devices.

Cloud-based solutions have a number of advantages for business over the traditional way of providing services. Among them these benefits are: cost saving, device and location independence, scalability, reliability, performance, utilization of resources and security.

  • Our Main Areas In Cloud Application Development

A fundamental component of any IT solution, this usually consists of virtualization environment, networking and storage. IaaS helps to deliver computer infrastructure, such as: network equipment, servers, system software and file space. beON is specialist in implementation of M2M platforms, web services and mobile app back-ends, which are based on Windows Azure, Amazon AWS and several other Hosting Service Provider.

A cloud based solution stack which helps to develop, test, deploy, host and maintain an application using the same integrated development environment, but without the complexity of maintaining hardware and system software. beON offers its proven M2M platform and offers professional dedicated teams of developers to create different cloud apps, ranging from transportation, gambling to consumer applications.

For a growing number of enterprises, the journey to cloud computing begins with a private cloud implementation. A private cloud transforms the way your business delivers and consumes IT services. By creating a layer of abstraction over pooled resources, a private cloud enables true service capability as well as optimally managed application services. beON is your partner for architecture, implementation of hardware, software platforms, application development and delivers SLA based support options.

  • beON Provides the Following Cloud Computing Development Services
  • Cloud Architecture Consulting.
  • General cloud based application development.
  • General cloud based application development.
  • Amazon AWS and Windows Azure development.
  • Implementation of proven M2M and Messaging platforms.
  • Back-end implementation for mobile apps.
  • Acceleration of content delivery.