Data Quality and Governance

For data driven business organization the data availability and quality are of utmost importance to place confidence in their information systems, which help them in coming valuable business decisions. Low quality data causes transactions, processes and projects to fail, leading to increased costs, additional risks, reduced confidence in enterprise data and potential business loss.

Data Governance includes policies, processes, roles and responsibilities to enable data quality and consistency. With the advent of Bigdata the data governance activities extend beyond just Master data management to provide enterprise class data assurance solutions. Data governance and cleansing activities stresses both the quality and control aspect to the management and usage of data.

beON work to improve our clients’ data governance standards involves a top-down evaluation of data processes, measuring their data’s accuracy, accessibility, consistency, and completeness. In collaboration with client teams that typically include executive leaders, department heads and IT stakeholders to act in the roles of data owners and data stewards, experts from beON pool can determine a strategy to improve how our clients manage and control their information. The actions to address issues in data quality may include:

Program planning, prioritization and funding processes.

Conducting data audit.

Architecture Stewardship to support architectural policies and standards.

Data Stewardship to ensure quality, consistency and integration.

Business Change Management.

Provide the change management expertise to help your organization migrate smoothly to the new solution.

Tailor time-tested change management methodologies to your environment and your timelines.

Setting expectations and measure results along the way.