Embedded Application Development

beON has extensive experience in developing embedded applications for various microprocessors and micro controllers as well as Win32/NT & CE, Linux, embedded Linux, UNIX environments and various RTOS environments. Typically, products are real time interrupt driven, mission critical or business critical.

We provide complete embedded software design services across the lifecycle.

Our core skills include:

Requirements management.

Software design and test.

System validation.

Project management.

Hardware/software integration.

Update and Support.

beON services include development of Human Machine Interfaces, as well as porting of existing embedded software to multiple target platforms. beON also offers its services to integrate multi-party embedded products to deliver a full OEM platform solution along with End to End systems delivery.

beON offers embedded application development on a variety of Operating Systems and processors and can integrate applications with connectivity such as Bluetooth, Infra-red, Serial, various wireless interfaces and TCP/IP directly or using middleware platforms for creating distributed applications.