On Satelite

To connect a machine to the beON management system, a small device – the ONsatellite - needs to be installed. Regardless of type or manufacturer, it collects all the available financial and operation-control data from the machine..

The ONsatellite offers several different ports for the various connections. All types of communication protocols such as VDAI, BACTA, VAN, SAS and communicates with serial (ccTalk etc.) and parallel interfaces are supported. Due to this fact, all coin-operated machines can be connected to our system – PC-based machines with secure peripheral communication as well as “non-intelligent” machines like a soccer table or a darts machine. Two independent door sensors can be assembled to every machine to obtain alarms in case a service or cash box door will be opened without permission. Furthermore, the installation of the ONsatellite is really quick and easy.

The ONsatellite transfers all machine data via radio communication to the ONmaster. The “Multi-Hopping” extends the network area and ensures the wireless operation, even under difficult spatial conditions. Viz.: if the ONmaster is out of reach of an ONsatellite, it uses other ONsatellites in operating distance to transfer the data like a repeater. Distances between the ONsatellite and ONmaster can range up to 60m.

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