PowerON Mobile

powerON mobile is an enterprise management application for mobile devices for the efficient overview of the financial and operating status of all machine installations afield. This monitoring and management reporting system delivers live summaries and details about machine and location data including history, revenue data, games played, cash collections and cash cycle, failure and errors, performance indicators, alerts and alarms, notifications data etc.

power|ON Mobile is a simple one touch solution, simple to download from mobile stores and automatically updated. It can be installed on most of the mobile devices . No specific IT knowledge is required. After the login with your personal user data a secure server connection is automatically established.

The user interface is designed with day to day operation of operators in mind. This software is designed keeping user-friendlyness, simplicity and flexible as primary goals. The customer can easily control, manage and present information. The entire operation can be maintained and controlled on the move without the use of a PC. Data migration to back office or book-keeping systems is available on request.

  • Features & Information
  • Errors & failures
  • Service & maintenance inc. history
  • Network connectivity
  • "In-game" information
  • Notifications of all kinds
  • Live revenue & turnover
  • Live refill status
  • Cash collection management
  • Remote collection
  • ONcashloop(Cash cycle between money exchanger and machines)
  • Underperformance indicators and alarms
  • Manipulator detection and notifications
  • Alarms & alerts and notifications
  • Malfunction & error messages
  • Notification error reporting configuration

For more details and please refer to the product specific website

Für weitere Informationen verweisen wir auf die produktspezifischenwebsite