Enterprise Data Ware House & Business Intelligence

beON offers wide range of services to organisations to make them adept at gathering all sorts of data about their customers, prospects, internal business processes, suppliers, partners and competitors..

Business analytics is an indispensable tool for organisation in analysing this data and using it to make informed business decisions. Capturing data, however, is just the beginning. Enterprises can become overwhelmed by the information deluge, due to their inability to either effectively analyse it or cannot get information that is current enough to act upon.

To bridge the competence gap within the organisations beON offers business intelligence, data warehousing and integration consulting services in various capacities. To help organisations harness the power of business analytics our analytics experts will thoroughly assess your current and future business and analytical needs, perform evaluations and architectural reviews, and either jumpstart the project or provide full life-cycle development.

  • Our Tailored DW/BI Solutions Include
  • Able to deliver scalalable tailored solutions capable of catering biggest data needs of fortune 500 companies.
  • Designing a data architecture that enables the reporting, analytics, predictive modelling and self-service BI according to the business requirements.
  • Define the framework for the transformation of data into information from the source systems to information used by the business users.
  • Identify technologies available and review trade-offs associated between any overlapping or competing technologies.
  • Review data quality procedures and reconciliation techniques.
  • Selection and implementation of Extraction, Transform & Load (ETL) processes suitable to the needs.
  • Creating data and analytical governance programs.
  • Define technical functionality used to build a data warehousing and business intelligence environment.
  • Selection implementation with Business Intelligence (BI) & OLAP Tools according to the reporting requirements.
  • Agile Multi staged implementation and deployment of solution architecture.
  • Architecting a BI portfolio and DW and BI architecture design.
  • AData, data models and database design.
  • Architecting solutions with data discovery, data visualization, and in-memory BI techologies.
  • Data integration with other applications, e.g. CRM, ERP etc.
  • Designing and implementing analytical sandboxes and hubs.
  • Quality control.
  • Production roll-out.
  • Knowledge transfer to key business or IT personnel involved in the project.