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New Event Streaming Data Platform ensures timely, reliable and consistent management of insurance data

ERGO is one of the largest insurance groups in Germany and Europe. The insurance company is represented in around 30 countries worldwide. The company offers a comprehensive range of insurances, provisions, investments and services. These services support policyholders in assessing, calculating, managing and hedging current and future risks. ERGO chose to build the software-based event streaming platform because it enables the insurance company to transport, process and respond to massive streams of event data in real time and securely.

“Event streaming is a new way of using data. Event streaming is now at the digital heart of our business. beON consult has been supporting ERGO to create the software-based event streaming platform. The platform enables us to transport, process and respond to massive streams of event data in real time and securely. Given the increased efficiency, scalability and cost savings it brings, it’s no wonder that our business transactions are increasingly event-driven.”

IT-ERGO | Düsseldorf | 2024


The challenge is to securely homogenise the heterogeneous data landscape and improve the customer experience through real-time data while complying with strict industry regulations on confidentiality.



The beON team implemented an Apache Kafka-based event streaming data platform from market leader Confluent that ensures timely, reliable, and consistent management of insurance, pension and investment information to cover current and future risks for millions of insurance customers.


– Foundation laid for digital transformation

– Efficiency, scalability & cost savings through comprehensive, consistent, modular event streaming platform

– Compliance for sensitive data guaranteed

– Correct data flow in real time

– More quality through faster service and improved customer security

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